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NationalNet: A Step Toward Sustainability

by Administrator

NationalNet is proud to join the ranks of other eco-friendly data centers by installing an Eaton Energy Saver System. The new system is built to run our UPS units more efficiently and cut down the amount of unused power. This is a common problem with data center structures, and Eaton has developed a way to minimize the loss; which translates into 99% of usable power. NationalNet - green web hosting, green datacenter

In an excerpt from their case study, “Eaton is changing the game with the revolutionary Energy Saver System. UPSs equipped with this technology deliver 99 percent efficiency or better without sacrificing reliability… The intelligent power core continuously monitors incoming power conditions and balances the need for efficiency with the need for premium protection, to match the conditions of the moment.” You can read more of their case study here.

So, that’s all fine and dandy, but how does it translate to the green initiative? By following the logic of increasing our own power efficiency from 94% to 99%, a data center critical load over 2,000 kW, there is a five-year energy savings (kWhrs) of more than 8,897,000. That equals saving 6064 metric tons of CO2 over a five-year period, or taking more than 1897 cars off the road for a full year!*. Now, that realization is impressive. And as we continue to grow, we will consciously be minimizing our carbon footprint and doing what we can to improve the environment in the data center scheme of things.

This eco-conscience step for NationalNet is one of the biggest that we’ve taken so far. With a history of green internal practices, such as recycling plastics and using high efficiency chillers for our air conditioning units, installing Eaton’s new program just makes sense.

*Figures used in study have been extrapolated based on Eaton’s Energy Saver System report

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