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NationalNet: 2010 In Review

by Administrator

by Bill Van Vorst, President

As another year has closed, I find myself reflecting back on what a year it has been.  There have been some good times and tough times but I’m happy to say that we made it through a year that was difficult for most businesses and find ourselves stronger than before due to changes we have made.

So, what did last year bring?  With regards to business overall, it brought more of the same.  We, as well as many of our customers are still feeling the pain of the recession and while some government pundits are saying “the recession is over”, I feel that it’s going to be 2012 before we really start seeing the economy returning to pre-2009 numbers.  However, there has been a benefit to the recession, as it has forced us to trim the fat and to change our spending habits.  With the changes we have made, we’re leaner and meaner than we have ever been.  When the economy does turn around, we’ll be in a great position to ride the wave.

It’s been a year with a bit more customer churn than we are accustomed to.  The recession, combined with less discretionary income as well as tighter credit card limits has created a perfect storm for many web sites who rely on online sales to stay in business.  Unfortunately, some of these web sites have not survived the recession, which results in the closing of their doors and a loss of a customer for us.  On the flip side, we’ve brought on many new customers, such as the Atlanta Falcons and Oovoo, just to name a few. 

This has been a year of growth for us in other areas.  Not only did we receive a large IPv6 IP address allocation from ARIN, with the network upgrades we have done this year, we have put ourselves in a great position to roll out IPv6 as it becomes more prevalent.  For more information about IPv6, you can read the blog posting here.

Finally, we have seen some employee changes and additions this year, which we’re very  excited about.  William Slocumb was promoted to Director of Technical Services.  Click here to read more about William. Jerimiah Bidell, has been promoted to Assistant Director of Technical Services.  We also expanded our marketing department with the addition of a new Marketing Manager, Jennifer Collom.  Jennifer is not only working closely with the Director of Sales and Marketing to create a new marketing plan, she is in charge of our entire social media campaign where you can keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.  Megan Arnall has also joined the NationalNet family as a web designer and has already done some very nice work for us (stay tuned for the roll-out of our new web site in the next month or two.)  These promotions and additions have brought a fresh and different outlook as well as some much-needed excitement to the company as a whole.

Overall, it’s been a very interesting year with both highs and lows.  However, I truly feel that after all is said and done, NationalNet will emerge at the end of the year as a stronger, more agile and healthier company that is ready to meet the new year head on.

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