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Cold Fusion at Last?

by Administrator

Cold Fusion at Last?

The holy grail of energy research, Cold Fusion, is again in the spotlight. Italian inventor Andrea Rossi claims his Energy Catalyzer (dubbed E-Cat) is capable of of 10,000 times the energy density and 1,000 times the power density of gasoline. Imagine running an entire data center off a single device the size of one cabinet! If a successful cold fusion device were finally built, with future miniaturization, every colocation cabinet could be run off its own, independent cold fusion power supply.

Until that day when cold fusion power supplies are readily available, NationalNet will continue to use grid power, backed up by world-class interruptible power supply and dual backup generators to keep our Atlanta data center and your Atlanta colocation servers and fully managed servers running 24/7.

Contact a NationalNet sales associate to talk about a business Atlanta colocation solution or fully managed hosting solution tailored to your company’s needs. Call us at 1-888-462-8638 or find us online at http://www.nationalnet.com

SOURCE: http://ow.ly/m7R07

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