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5 Reasons to Host with NationalNet

by Administrator

Our Support:
Our support is what we have built our reputation on.  Our average response time to tickets is less than 5 minutes.  Our average resolution time is under 17 minutes.  We feel that waiting for support is not an option.  There are two types of tickets – trouble tickets (something is broken) or project tickets (you need something done).  If it’s broken, you want it fixed – NOW.  If it’s a project ticket, then we know you’re probably sitting waiting on us so you can move forward with your project.  No one likes waiting for support and we get that!


Our Network:
Today’s surfer will abandon your site if it’s too slow.  We understand that, so we spare no expense on our network.  Whether it’s our dark fiber gear or the Cisco networking equipment, our in-house network engineers have assembled all the right gear to provide the optimal network experience.  We also select our bandwidth providers based on eyeballs.  Our network engineers are constantly analyzing reports and real-time monitoring to make sure that the connectivity we utilize meets our traffic needs.  Between paid transit and private peering, we use over 40 different providers and ensure our routes are taking the most optimal path.

Peace of Mind:
Our customers sleep well at night knowing that NationalNet “has their back”.  Using our proprietary monitoring software built in-house and constantly improved upon, we monitor every server and every service on that server.  When an issue arises, we are alerted and a tech is tasked to immediately resolve the issue.  Our goal is to find and fix issues before the customer is even aware that there was an issue.  Our fully managed customers can focus on growing their business and leave the tech work to our talented staff.

Our people:
This is an area where we are proud.  We have put together a great team of people.  Whether it’s our system administrators, network engineers, facility engineers or billing, each person has been brought in with an eye towards a team effort.  One thing we have said is that “We can train skills, but We cannot train personality”.  We make sure that every employee is not only capable of doing the task, but that they also fit in with everyone else here.  It’s a great family-oriented mindset.

Our Mission Statement:
It’s very simple. “100% customer satisfaction at any and all cost”.  Every employee knows this and they are all fully empowered to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

We’re a very old fashioned bunch here with a very simple philosophy in that if you take care of your customers, good things happen.  It’s a partnership – if our customers do well, then so do we…and vice-versa.  We have lived by this for well over 15 years and judging by the customer testimonials at http://www.nationalnet.com/company/customer-testimonials.html, we must be doing something right!

Find out more about the NationalNet story by visiting our web site at http://nationalnet.com or contacting us at sales@nationalnet.com

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