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Google Chief Engineer Ray Kurzweil Shows Future Of Hosting And Data Security

by Administrator

Ray Kurzweil is a renowned futurist who at age 64 was brought into Google late last year to preside over a loosely defined set of projects involving the storage and collection of data with the purpose of replicating the human psyche. After a long and prestigious career that has included winning the 1999 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, being credited  with creating the first text-to-speech synthesizer in the 1970s and authoring a best selling book titled “The Singularity Is Near” in 2005, Mr. Kurzweil raised some very interesting challenges on the horizon for fully managed hosting providers like NationalNet.

During the Global Futures 2045 International Congress, held in New York City last week, Kurzweil who has become known for some astoundingly accurate predictions about the future of technology years before they each came to fruition, stated emphatically that he believes humanity will be able to upload our minds to computers within the next 32 years and that within the next 90 years our bodies will be largely replaced or augmented by machines.

“Based on conservative estimates of the amount of computation you need to functionally simulate a human brain, we’ll be able to expand the scope of our intelligence a billion-fold” said Kurzweil, who went on to refer to Moore’s Law that states the power of computing doubles, on average, every two years while also cross-referencing the impact of recent developments from genetic sequencing efforts and 3D printing enhancements throughout his seminar.
Theorists may argue about the time line, claiming that what Kurzweil calls the ‘Singularity’ (a point when humans will effectively achieve intellectual immortality) may take place sooner or at a point more distant on the horizon of human achievements – but from a pragmatic perspective his comments underscore the increasing importance of data security and hosting that is always accessible to any intended audience.

Today, people expect their images and methods of communication to work flawlessly without fail or interruption. It’s easy to imagine how much higher the stakes will become when clients are asking to create backups of their grandmother’s consciousness or storage for your own life memory files to keep data restoration backups as current as possible at all times.

The bleeding edge of technological advancement, where science and science fiction rub up against each other so frequently, are vitally important for anyone interested in choosing to be properly preparation rather than frantically trying at the last minute to enjoy the benefits of emerging tech the moment it is unveiled on the market.

NationalNet already utilizes industry best practices and redundant procedures to secure the data of our clients to the highest preservation level possible as of this time. More importantly, we always have an eye toward what will soon become possible and you can remain assured that your sites (and perhaps one day your conscientiousness) will be fully protected by our expert staff utilizing the continually evolving scientific know-how necessary to keep your most valuable assets performing with peak optimization and maximum safety.

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