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Spurred by Google Fiber – New Gigabit Internet Service is on ISP Agendas

by Administrator

Spurred by Google Fiber – New Gigabit Internet Service is on ISP Agendas

google fiberAs we recently reported, America is woefully under-served when it comes to broadband internet service, though there are some promising signs that this is changing. In an act of enlightened self-interest, Google built out an ultra-fast fiber optic network in Kansas City, with a gigabit internet connection available for consumers at the low price of $70 per month, and a “free for life” 300 mbps internet service option available for a one-time construction fee of $300.00 total.

Google has repeatedly stated that it really isn’t interested in becoming an ISP, but is in fact trying to shame the established players into providing the bandwidth that they believe is required now, and will become even more crucial in the future. The cudgel in the equation is that if Google follows the business model established in Kansas City, their arrival in your city will eliminate the established players with antiquated “skinny” connections by supplanting them with robust gigabit throughput at rates not designed to be particularly profitable.

Google has now announced that the second city they will launch Google Fiber in will be Austin, Texas and that has seemingly spurred AT&T into action. Starting in December, some Austin residents will be able to order service via AT&T U-verse with GigaPowerSM. At first, the service will provide only 300 Mbps speeds, but the company promises an upgrade to a full 1 gigabit connection by the middle of next year.

The big names in ISPs have been dragging their feet in rolling out true broadband capabilities for consumers according to Google and industry market analysis reports, with AT&T and Verizon seeming to be much more interested in concentrating their efforts on mobile business while putting their land-line internet infrastructure into “harvest mode” and halting any significant investments in improving throughput.

Google Fiber’s arrival in key markets may force other ISPs to get on the stick and improve their systems, lest they risk losing the market altogether to a new provider who is daring them to do better.

Time Warner Cable also announced a new broadband wireless service in Austin right after the Google Fiber announcement, and CenturyLink announced that they would begin work on gigabit fiber services in Omaha, Nebraska – not long after Google announced that they would be taking over Provo, Utah’s fiber internet provider. The results do seem to demonstrate that existing providers will compete when threatened with losing market share, even in small markets if Google comes to town.

Google’s solo attempts at forcing improvement of the content delivery market could be terrific for consumers, though it may cause profit loss for complacent ISPs who would prefer to lock down a market and thrive on charging customers for infrastructure put in place long ago.

As ISPs get the message and begin build-out of gigabit infrastructure across the country, the shift heralds the arrival of truly broad broadband. Site owners and IT professionals who have long sought to fit high quality content through skinny pipes may not face the duality of offering ultra-optimized sites for use by mobile consumers on pay as you go plans along with much more content rich options for customers who are riding a new gigabit wave of technological advancement from their desktops.

NationalNet continues to evolve our state of the art collocated servers and fully managed hosting services to put you in an enviable position for this next wave of high speed broadband adoption and mobile expansion into emerging markets simultaneously. For more information about the many ways our hosting company can exceed your expectations, please contact one of our experienced representatives by phone or email at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you move forward at the fastest pace the internet allows… no matter how fast that becomes!

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