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Google Says Thirty Percent of The Internet Is Duplicate Content

by Bill

Google Says Thirty Percent of The Internet Is Duplicate Content

In a recently posted video from engineer Matt Cutts, the search engine tech giant announced it now believes that more than 30 percent of the entire internet is nothing more than duplicated content.

For years webmasters routinely copied and pasted content from other sources to their own websites, plagiarizing text and pirating videos to stealing images and republishing old news under new names. Of course it doesn’t benefit Google or consumers to have people being sent by searches to a number of sites that feature the exact same information, even if it has been reformatted to appear new.

Much of the content has been spun, morphed or otherwise modified by computer scripts capable of doing everything from simple word-substitutions to complicated algorithmic changes of entire documents that go unnoticed by humans with an untrained eye but now may lead to search engine optimization penalties of lower quality sites with content that fails to be informative.

According to Google the duplicate content is not always disregarded completely, in that a quality site that aggregates content may still effectively use some duplicated material within a large collection of curated content. In essence, Google claims it won’t punish news network sites for all publishing similar stories about current events, since those entities are trusted and provide plenty of other original content on other pages of their site. However, any new blogger or site owner thinking they can just scrape some stories from an existing authority site and gain ranks by pushing them through a spinner wont have much success – as proven by virtually every re-ranking that has taken place since the Google Panda patch more than a year ago.

The logic of all this is actually fairly transparent. For Google it’s best if everyone who goes to a search result is greeted by fresh, original, relevant content because that is the best way for the company to ensure it will remain dominant as a search engine. When thirty percent of the whole internet comes back as duplicate content, that presents a challenge for Google to overcome and the company seems to have finally gotten a handle on stamping out dupe sites from its ranking algorithm. Unfortunately for site owners, that puts everyone else in the position of having to generate content on behalf of Google for free in order to rank for search terms that may or may not send actual customers.

Learn more about the way Google thinks by visiting the Google Webmaster Help Channel on YouTube.com any time. Experts claim their videos are full of misinformation, yet it remains the best keyhole sized view into the heart of the Google algorithm for most outsiders.

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