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IBM and Twitter Ink Deal to Data Mine Tweets

by Bill

Social Media on the looseMany may recall the IBM supercomputer nicknamed Watson, which has bested many of the world’s greatest game show contests with lightning-fast searches of seemingly unrelated facts for the television program Jeopardy. Now that same technological prowess is being put to use on a massive data set as part of a new endeavor that brings hardware giant IBM together with digital media darling Twitter in an attempt to make sense of the massive amount of minute to minute communication taking place across their global social platform.

Twitter now serves up more than 500 million tweets per day and they cover just about every conceivable topic from the innovative and extraordinary to the utterly inane and pointless. Sifting through that much noise to find commercially viable trends or actionable business intelligence for clients is something that has been on Twitter’s business plan for a while, and IBM expertise should help to shorten the timeline between the spawn of a great new idea and the ability of clients to act on the new information about it.

Twitter vice president Chris Moody, reportedly remarked that a deep fryer maker might analyze tweets about Soggy French Fries to learn about problems with its new line of products, or to explore opportunities based on feedback before making any significant investment in a new market.

The venture will be focused on “applications that can help improve business decisions by combining twitter data with our analytics and industry expertise in areas like marketing, customer service, HR, supply chain and more” according to Alistair Rennie, IBM General Manager of Business Analytics, who spoke candidly at an IBM customer event on Wednesday morning.

IBM will also include Twitter data in its existing ExperienceOne portfolio of sales and marketing software products and their cloud development platform Bluemix. “Ten thousand IBM global services consultants will be trained and certified in becoming the very best in helping you apply Twitter data” Rennie said and that may open the floodgates of companies seeking to use Twitter as a true method of instantaneous direct contact with existing or potential new customers.

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