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NFL And Google Reach Landmark Deal For YouTube Channel Content

by Bill

The distribution methods of digital content continue to change and now Google has added another premium content maker to its growing list of official channels on the YouTube platform. Long considered the crown jewel of Television programming, the NFL has raked in billions of dollars in yearly contracts for the television rights to its games over recent decades. That led to the creation of its own NFL network on cable systems and to a slew of award winning documentary programming produced by their own in-house studio NFL Films. Now the NFL is leading the movement across the digital divide toward direct programming for Internet viewers as well.

“Located at YouTube.com/NFL, the NFL’s official channel on YouTube allows viewers to access a uniquely packaged, seven-day-a-week NFL content programming schedule” stated the NFL’s official website. “Content posted to the NFL’s official channel on YouTube will include game previews, in-game highlights, post-game recaps as well as clips featuring news, analysis, fantasy football advice, and other select content from NFL Network and NFL.com”

A large part of the benefit for content providers pushing their products across YouTube is the ability to engage international consumers with a platform that is completely agnostic to regional cable deals and other nationalized interests of heavily regulated radio or television media. Much the way Netflix is quickly becoming the platform of choice of US based content providers to reach customers overseas, YouTube is now giving studios and networks a simplified way to reach across oceans and directly into the desktop or mobile devices of an audience that extends around the globe.

“Partnering with YouTube and Google provides the NFL unique access to millions of highly engaged fans through the global leader in video and search,” said Hans Schroeder, Senior Vice President, Media Strategy, Business Development, & Sales for the National Football League. “We continue to see an insatiable appetite for digital video content, and this partnership further expands fans’ ability to discover and access NFL content throughout the year.”

Backing this deal technologically is the most advanced video streaming system ever created, with a nearly limitless amount of available bandwidth and virtually zero cost for anyone seeking to upload content online. Along with the search traffic benefits integrated into Google, the high branding visibility afforded and the simplicity of displaying your own YouTube videos as embeds within your official website – this platform appears poised to grow even more as flagship producers like the NFL educate audiences and lead them away from traditional media outlets. If you aren’t harnessing these resources for your own brands, now is the time to get up to speed as content consumer tastes evolve in your direction.

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