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ARM Expects Smartphones To Be Many People’s Only Computer Within Two Years

by Bill

Cell PhoneTechnologists have talked about the growing importance of mobile computing for years, and the leaps forward in handheld computational power have been staggering over the last few years. Now, some are predicting that we may be getting within 24 months of the tipping point, when many consumers are ready to ditch their desktops entirely in favor of new mobile phones that can do it all for them instead.


ARM’s new mobile phone CPU provides more than 50 times the performance of chips sold just five years ago, and it does it all with 75% less energy required than was needed by comparable chips from three years ago. ARM is not alone in these accomplishments. Apple’s new A8 chip in the iPhone 6 is also more than 50 times faster than the chip they released in the original iPhone, and the new Apple GPU is actually 84 times faster. Meanwhile Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 (used by LG, HTC, and other Android manufacturers) is set to handle 4K video streaming and 3D gaming tasks as well. Given these mobile phone specs and the rapid rate of advancement, there is little reason to expect people to continue using outdated desktop devices.


ARM is launching a new Cortex-A72 processor and a Mali-T880 GPU to empower mobile devices capable of bridging the gap and bringing desktop traditionalists across the divide to the freedom of a full time wireless lifestyle. Where people once considered the possibility of living in a world as an ‘always on’ participant, we are now at the dawn of what may soon be called the ‘always on the go’ era of modern computing.


Most of the remaining obstacles that need to be cleared away come down to ports or wireless porting of data to larger screens when they are available. A way to display the information from your device in real time to a television screen or other ‘dumb screen’ on your desk if you feel like using a full size set of peripherals. These are tiny challenges to overcome when compared to the CPU and GPU milestones that have been reached, and while 2 years may be on the optimistic side, it is clearly a matter of when not a question of whether or not mobile will soon be the primary way people connect online and do all of their digital tasks each day.


Do your digital products and web presence sufficiently scale for mobile users to use them in a fully mobile world? Contact us to discuss the connectivity requirements and the many ways you can allocate resources efficiently to address specific devices or the coming lifestyle shift toward handheld input portals now and in the future.

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