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Net Neutrality Final Debate Needs Your Support To Articulate New Regulations

by Bill

net neutralityIn less than 21 days the fate of the Internet will be decided by a new FCC regulation proposed by FCC Chairman Wheeler to protect the sanctity of net neutrality. Chairman Wheeler has gone on the offensive to generate support for the open policy he is proposing, by authoring a very informative editorial which would use new regulatory authority from Congress to keep the Internet agnostic as to which content is being served by which website to which end user.


In his editorial, Mr. Wheeler recounts his own personal experience at the helm of an early Internet startup named NABU which failed to compete with the rapid growth of AOL, even though it was able to provide much better connectivity, simply because they playing field was already far from level. Now as cable companies and big bandwidth consortiums apply lobbying pressure to the people whose votes will be counted less than 3 weeks from today – it is imperative that the voice of end users everywhere be heard on this crucial issue.


Grass roots websites like Battle For The Internet are already online to make it a few simple clicks to identify and contact your local government representatives.  All it takes is a few minutes of your time to have your voice counted and to leverage the enormous public sentiment that bandwidth throughput, load times and other fundamental aspects of digital data transfer should remain entirely neutral – whether that website is a paying sponsor of any particular carrier or not at this time.


The idea of net neutrality has been a lynch-pin of the entire Internet since its inception and any move to create ‘express lanes’ or ‘slow lanes’ for data traffic would have a profound impact on competition, consumer prices and the kind of content available online… not only for your web browsing experiences but potentially for the ways data is used and priced in the lives of future generations as well.

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