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$10,000 Apple Watch Worth Much Less Than The New Tiered Battery They Revealed

by Bill

Apple ClockApple’s newest marketing blitz included several new products, but the media latched onto one of the least important aspects of the products the company revealed. Yes, the Apple Watch is likely to bring more people into the wearable computing era, and some of the features are interesting – but way too much has been made of the gold Apple Watch and its $10,000 price tag. This is especially true when compared to the ingenuous new battery architecture the company quietly included in the new MacBook.

The new MacBook is the first to use ‘terraced battery placement’ which is a new way of stacking Lithium Ion cells that experts claim can improve battery life any pretty much any Lithium Ion device by 35% without requiring more weight or space devoted to the battery itself. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that terraced placement seemingly obviates the long held standard of having a rectangular shape within any device for the purpose of housing a standard battery.

Devices of the past (and most at present) are designed by first deciding the size of the battery and then shaping the rest of the device around it, these new batteries are allowing Apple to work with previously impossible shapes and thicknesses for the amount of power their devices can deliver.

The new 12-inch MacBook’s main featured from a customer point of view is a stunning 2304×1440 retina display in a 13.1mm thin device that weighs only two pounds and has a battery capable of pumping out that many fully illuminated pixels for more than 9 hours on a single charge.

Long after the Apple Watch comes and goes, even after the $10,000 price tag is considered paltry by future generations, there is a very good chance some form of the micro thick terraced layers of Lithium Ion living on in devices that will power the way mobile computing continues to evolve.

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