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IBM Spectrum Pours 1 Billion Dollars Into Dynamic Data Management Software

by Bill

Big DataAccording to a recent report from the International Data Group, unstructured data is growing at a break-neck pace of more than 62% per year. That massive amount of new data is also being filtered, sorted and sifted by waves of analytics experts with increasingly dynamic tools designed to author nearly-real-time reports to apply business intelligence and provide real world solutions. Of course all of this happening continuously is creating bottlenecks that affect new employee hiring, customer community engagement, UI / UX and product development. That’s why there is now a race to find even faster ways to manage data with a focus on storing data in smarter ways than were previously thought to be necessary.

Businesses are now shifting strategies toward a far more software based approach, because all the hard drives in the world won’t be useful without the proper platform in place to handle so many data requests. Cheaper, faster and better ways to store and retrieve data effectively will now be filling an important need in the modern data market rather than simply attempting to stay ahead of the curve. The new challenge for IT professionals is delivering data quicker in a live environment where it must be accessible when real-time tools and continuous up time are required. Storage hardware remains important and storage software is becoming even more important.  Hardware is merely a repository of data, but the software is what affects how data is stored, where it’s stored, and in which ways it can be immediately accessed.

IBM has now announced “software-defined storage” with the release of IBM Spectrum, a software-only suite of storage solutions, with a $1 billion commitment to move to a high-value storage software business model. “This change will not only accelerate the way that IBM provides the right solutions, but will move the storage industry forward into the next era” according to IBM.

The key element of this story is that the infrastructure underpinning the way data flow works is now evolving to become much more dynamic and adaptive because of the way people are using data. The metaphor of hard drives being like old file cabinets is now entirely broken, as most clients seek to see every part of every file in the entire cabinet simultaneously in real time, rather than working through one drawer or one folder and the on to the next.

NationalNet is always watching these data developments closely and will continue to provide our clients with the leading edge of hardware and software hosting solutions to give your company the competitive edge it needs to succeed online.


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