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Google Updates Algorithm to include Mobile Ease of Use

by Bill

Google is updating it’s algorithm once again, and some are referring to this update as “mobilegeddon!” It’s a strong statement, but the change is going to have a large impact on search results. The reason for the intense verbiage is that Google is now allowing a site’s mobile usability to strongly influence search results. The new change makes a lot of sense – people are using their mobile devices and tablets to access the internet more than ever these days, and while using a mobile device, people are likely to bounce from a site with poor mobile design.

Google employees say that the new update will affect more results than either Penguin from 2013, or Panda from 2011 – which affected 4% and 12% of results respectively. This change is different than Panda or Penguin, which simply sought to rid the web of spammy link factories and keyword farms. This new algorithm is Google’s attempt to shape the internet in the image it sees fit. However, you can stay ahead of the curve with great hosting to keep your SEO game, and your mobile compatibility, which is now going to be an integral part of SEO, on top.

Dan Sullivan, a respected writer for Search Engine Land, has said that ultimately, this change by Google may not be the best move. It might demote results that are completely valid and relevant for users on a computer, due to a few extra clicks on the site’s mobile version. However, it’s clear that Google wants to push businesses to beef up their mobile game, and this isn’t the first time Google has tried to shape the web business. Google Fiber, the company’s fiber optic network which is now in place in 4 cities, threatened Internet Service Providers and caused them to come out with faster speeds, to keep their businesses relevant.

Overall, this change will encourage site owners to make sure their mobile versions are functioning and easy to use, and like always, with any big Google algorithmic change, site owners must also change with the times, or risk becoming irrelevant. Fortunately National Net servers and support staff are already well acquainted with the needs of mobile traffic and the infrastructure we provide for our clients makes every site you build as mobile friendly as your design and content allow.


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