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Hubris Doesn’t Make You Immune From Being Hacked

by Bill

National Net works diligently day and night to provide our collocation and dedicated server clients with the highest level of data security possible. We upgrade hardware, update software, follow industry best practices and uses more than a decade of experience to build what we believe is the most secure environment our clients can get anywhere online. However, it is vitally important to avoid resting on your laurels or allowing hubris to creep in, because doing so is often the precursor to being hacked.

Some mistakenly believe that a system can be built in a completely hack-proof way. Time and again, even the largest and most significant data stores have proven to be hackable by third-party programmers wearing either white or black hats. Recently the federal government suffered one of the most severe data losses in history, which may have included information about active US spies and covert resources. The result was that OPM Director Katherine Archuleta resigned since it happened on her watch, but that won’t make their system any more impervious to cyber-assault.

Home Depot, Target, Banks and too many other brands to mention have had credit card data stolen or other information illegally accessed by external hackers at some point in their history. Most recently, LifeLock (a company whose entire brand is built on the notion that they can secure personal information from theft) has become the target of a 2nd set of FTC allegations after paying millions of dollars in a settlement from their first go-round with Federal Trade Commission overseers.

The lesson to take from this is simple. Your data is only safe until it is not safe any longer. As a top tier hosting company we take thousands of steps each day to secure data to the limit of human and machine capability. Smart site owners also maintain backups, monitor their digital properties daily and take additional precautions when possible to keep their data safe.  There is always more to do, and always more than can be done. However, if you ever here an IT guy tell you that he can keep your 100% safe absolutely guaranteed, it’s important to remember he is either speaking from a prideful point of view or an inexperienced one.

Sensitive data should only be stored online in the most minimal way possible. Software patches and security updates should be carried out immediately. While it may feel good to sit back, relax and pretend you areunhackable, it feels even better to remain vigilant and actually not be hacked.

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