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Real Cyber-Security Requires A Calm Properly Measured Approach

by Bill

Today there distinct failures of major computer systems set off an unduly large number of alarm bells because of opportunists and conspiracy theorists who tried to use the glitches as a rallying cry for unrelated causes.

For many outside the IT world it may have gone somewhat unnoticed that three major system failures happened today within the span of a few hours. The entire United Airlines flight schedule was grounded, the New York Stock Exchange temporarily halted all trading, and the Wall Street Journal website was down for a significant part of the day.

While these outages are undoubtedly a source of considerable inconvenience, and may even result in significant monetary losses by entities involved in each – there was no evidence, and continues to be no evidence, that they were interrelated or caused by cyberattacks of any kind.

Still, Senator Bill Nelson [D-FL] took to his Twitter account to suggest prematurely that the incidents might be some kind of ‘attack’ and used that self-initiated viewpoint as grounds to promote a Cyber-security bill that many have IT experts agree remains seriously flawed.

In fact, United Airlines has said the problem was “an automation issue”,  The New York Stock Exchange tweeted that it halted trading due to an internal technical issue that “is not the result of a cyberattack” and zero evidence has surfaced about any possible coordinated cyber-attack or other cause for alarm.

During service interruptions and periods of technological frustration, it is essential to remain calm – to identify real causes of any outage and to find solutions that remedy the matter quickly while also putting safeguards in place to prevent any recurrence of downtime. As a leader in collocation and fully managed hosting services, NationalNet understands and appreciates all the hard work these three IT teams did while restoring service and asks everyone, Senators and citizens alike, to refrain from engaging in hyperbole or conjecture during moments of uncertainty when answers need to be the focus and guesses or accusations should be set aside entirely.

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