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Norton’s Enlightening Documentary on Bulletproof Hosting

by Bill

Norton, a computer security company which typically makes anti-virus software, has made an eye opening short video about off shore locations that offer “bulletproof” hosting, with little or no oversight as to what exactly is being hosted. Some speculate that these hosts are on the same level as hackers and online scammers, but they don’t get any of the punishments that those types of criminals get. However, others think that they do provide a necessary service – everyone wants security after all.

How these services even exist is pretty amazing in the first place. These hosting companies typically exist in areas with legal grey areas such as international waters, or areas that cover multiple legal or international borders. Some examples include one company that is located on an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the ocean, or one that is buried deep in a nuclear safe house somewhere in the Netherlands. The companies are often very neutral. It is rumored that the same company protects both ISIS related sites and sites belonging to the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.

The video is an investigative look into what happens at these secretive companies, and what their effects – both positive and negative – are on the world of technology. The video could be considered a smart move for Norton, who is basically advertising why their services and products are important while educating consumers about a real life issue on which they need to form their own opinions.

These issues show just how important security is to all sorts of people who need hosting service. They are willing to go to secretive companies to get the highest level of security for their web needs. However, most people don’t need to go to these great lengths to get secure hosting for their everyday businesses. Hosting companies such as ourselves provide the highest level of security that consumers need for daily transactions and web activities – without the kind of scrutiny that running servers from a remote oil rig would add to the equation.

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