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Mobile Encryption Is Now Becoming Standard With Simple Settings Changes

by Bill

Encryption is becoming more and more of a hot button issue, with people who don’t want anyone to listen in on their communications. How can you make sure your mobile device communications stay private? There are a few things you can do.

First of all, there are some apps which offer greater security. Chat and call apps Fiver and WhatsApp have recently implemented encryption so strong that even these companies themselves are unable to hack it. The two apps have a wide user base of 1.7 billion between them, and are now providing highly secure methods of communication that are setting a new standard for consumer privacy in the digital world.

However, using an app with a high level of encryption is just not enough according to some security analysts. You must also take a few extra measures to make sure people don’t get into your devices. One thing you can do is to enable “fingerprint verification.” A fingerprint is a unique key that is given to any user of one of these chat apps. You must configure the settings of your phone to let you know when a user’s fingerprint has changed. It might just mean that they restarted their phone, but it could also mean that there is a third party listening in or some other interceptor in action.

The other key component of encryption is denying any attempts by third parties to backup your data to cloud based services, because while your phone may be encrypted those cloud services assuredly are not. In fact, the big celebrity account hack, in which hundreds of private celebrity photos were released by hackers, happened only because the images were allegedly stored in the cloud. The downside to not backing up to the cloud is that your data will be lost if you don’t back it up to some other drive or computer.

All through the move toward Mobile, consumers have continuously traded away their own privacy and data security in exchange for modern conveniences. Now it appears that pendulum is starting to swing back the other way, with many of your potential customers now more interested in keeping their data safe than in having it readily accessible to anyone, anywhere, with or without their consent.

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