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Quality Hosting And Connectivity Are Becoming Life or Death Resources

by Bill

Way back in 1999 there was a story that circulated online about General Motors CEO Jack Welch responding to a Bill Gates presentation at COMDEX. The fable claimed that Welch had said something to the effect that “If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars that crash twice a day and every time they repainted the lines on the road, you would have to buy a new car” among other quips and jibes. The story itself has been proven false by Snopes, but the meaning behind it is becoming truer each year as technology continues to evolve.

Just this week, the NFL unveiled a new type of robotic practice player that is being tested during Pittsburgh Steelers minicamp. The devices, developed at Dartmouth by Dan Rooney (one of the owner’s sons and his team), can “run” the 40 yard dash in five seconds or less on grass and will soon be upgraded to run specific patterns for players to practice without tackling each other or risking injuries.

Simultaneously, in an unrelated story, Uber is now experimenting with their first wave of driverless cars in Pittsburgh as well. Designed to always be on, handle consumer traffic and fully automate one of the more mundane activities people have been engaging in for decades – getting from point A to B via their car.

As the world begins relying on cloud computing for tangible real-world products and services that can cause collisions, damage or loss of life – the need for reliable, secure and persistently maintained hosting is becoming even more important.  Whether it’s an airplane looking for a landing strip, a car deciding whether the traffic light is red or green, a tackling robot calculating how far away a player is and how much force to exert upon impact – data loss, hacks or failed connections are becoming too dangerous to overlook.

It’s one thing to need to reboot your iPad because Angry Birds isn’t playing properly. It’s something entirely different, to be figuring out what went wrong when a two ton vehicle crashes because it lost signal, or received erroneous information from a source it trusts.

National Net continues to make every effort to improve and secure your online connectivity each day. Whether you want to use your server to drive a car, or drive traffic to a landing page, we understand the importance of getting every packet of information to its destination safely and expediently, because whether you want to kick a field goal from the 20 yard line or the 50 yard line, your form and approach need to always be the same if you want to succeed.


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