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Critical Security Vulnerability With TCP Found And Fixed

by Bill

Researchers recently discovered a critical bug that affected more than 96% of the websites in existence right now, and left them vulnerable to attack. What’s ironic is that the bug was actually created when computer scientists tried to fix another bug, but ended up leaving this giant vulnerability open to attack. Fortunately, this huge vulnerability has now been repaired, but it does make one wonder what other protocols were at risk and how much data was accessible to hackers via this industry standard hacking opportunity prior to the patch.

The vulnerability allowed hackers and attackers to intercept data if two terminals were communicating with each other using TCP (transmission control protocol), a fundamental connection method of all digital communication on the internet. A hacker could terminate any TCP connection and inject their own data into the stream to perform attacks. Some also worried that this could have affected those using anonymous TOR browsing, and have breached their veil of anonymity, but TOR engineers assured users that this was not so. However, the thought of such a widespread bug that could affect nearly every single website out there is quite scary to many. What remains even scarier are the many hosts and site owners who are too slow to apply security patches even after vulnerabilities are repaired globally.

With data security in mind, it’s more important than ever to use secure hosting provided by reputable collocating hosting providers like National Net. Safety and security is number one on our list of priorities, which is why our data center has 24/7 on site security, and why we offer advanced monitoring of our servers 24 hours each day, 7 days every week, and implement security patches within moments of their creation and acceptance from reputable sources. There is no panacea for data loss, but vigilance is the key to keeping your data safe as humanly possible and our technicians are always on call to do all we can to keep your data available only to those you intend to access it.

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