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Harmful Hacking Tools Released to the Public

by Bill

Recently, some hackers in a group known as the Shadow Brokers, who had broken into NSA sites released some powerful hacking tools that were developed by the NSA themselves. The release came with instructions and tips for how to use these tools. Now anyone who has a basic understanding of how to use these hacking tools can hack a lot more effectively.

One security researcher at NYU wanted to see if people were even using these hacks, and the results he found were somewhat scary. He set up a lure which had one of the problems exposed by the release, a vulnerability in Cisco technology, and then let it sit out there. By the time a day has passed there had already been hacking attempts, and there have been some every day since then.

The interesting portion of the problem is that typically, when vulnerabilities are discovered by a business or exterior researcher, it is able to be fixed because everyone knows about it. However, the NSA had been holding on to these vulnerabilities which puts hackers in a unique position at this point to get into places they are not supposed to be before companies have a chance to shore up their security. Even if the companies create a fix, users will still have to implement it, which may take even longer, leaving clients and users vulnerable.

This is why is it more important than ever to go with a hosting company like National Net that puts security first. As you can see we have our ear to the ground when it comes to security news and our techs are working hard to ensure our clients utmost privacy and security. If you value those attributes, then you will likely be happy with the secure hosting services National Net provides.

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