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Does Your Host Treat Your Sites Like A Matter of National Security?

by Bill

These can be stressful times when it comes to web security, as evidenced by recent reports that the FBI is now investigating potential security breaches by foreign hackers seeking to fraudulently influence the upcoming election results.

It’s clear that data security is quickly becoming a challenge with serious consequences for governments and companies alike, and there is always a need for managed hosting that treats your site’s security with at least the same level of scrutiny the US government applies to digital matters of national security. Various law enforcement agencies and public institutions are investigating the possibility that the Russian government is trying to inject the country with certain feelings, which would result in distrust in the upcoming presidential election and the political institutions overall. Whichever side of the aisle you fall on, everyone can agree fair and accurate elections are an important goal.

It’s quite an interesting investigation because law enforcement agencies are investigating the “cyber tools” and hacking methods which could be used, and seeing if they have been used yet. With intelligence hobbyists saying they have proof that the Russians are tampering with things in the cyber world, a senior intelligence officer told the Washington Post that even the idea or insinuation that someone is tampering with the US elections process is a very dire situation that must be fully investigated, and stopped, if that’s what is really going on. Even if the Russian’s desire isn’t to sway the election in a certain direction, the chaos any interference could cause might be harmful to the country’s delicate political situation.

You can rest assured here at National Net, your site’s security is as important to us as the national security of our nation’s elections. We do our best each day with all the tools and service available to make sure that your site stays as safe as possible for you and your end users during each connection or transaction.

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