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Nothing is Scarier Than Hosting Downtime

by Bill

As Halloween approaches, your neighborhood is sure to be filled with good-natured ghosts, goblins and witches seeking candy with a knock at your door. Anyone doing business online understands that those monsters are nothing to fear when you compare them to the possibility of experiencing downtime for your sites online.

“We wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy Halloween online and offline,” said Bill VanVorst, President of NationalNet. “We hope you enjoy the festivities and family fun that this time of year brings. As always, our staff of technicians will be here on high alert, protecting your business from the kinds of scary monsters that lurk in the darkest corners of the Internet waiting to strike with the award winning 24/7/365 support that all of our dedicated server collocation clients have come to expect from us.”

If you are tired of the tricks ‘discount hosts’ play on you time and again, you can experience the real treat of having properly trained professionals providing you with fully managed hosting by contacting us today for a free quote to see how NationalNet service quickly becomes an important asset for all of your brands.

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