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US Government Prepares For Move of DNS Oversight to International Third Party

by Bill

Since the inception of the Internet, the United States Government has been responsible for governing the root structure of the entire digital platform. This seems like a good idea to some, especially among those who are concerned with espionage and American digital security interests, but it also makes the most important technological invention of the last century subject to the political whims of one nation, and puts tremendous pressure on widely accepted principles like Net Neutrality.

Now that paradigm is changing fundamentally as the US prepares to hand over their oversight responsibility of DNS (domain name system) to a third party group made up of international consultants who believe this is the right option in order to maintain ultimate freedom on the world wide web.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), fulfills the very important duty of translating domain names into IP addresses and back again. In reality, they have already been managing this function for about a year, but it was only under a contract with the National Telecommunication and Information Administration. After a long legal and political squabble in Congress, the US government is officially handing over the keys. Many groups around the country and the world agree that this move is great, because it will prevent any one country from having too much control over the internet. However, some American politicians worry that this could have grave effects for the national security of the United States.

Some are worried that this will put the internet into the hands of countries that we are not so friendly terms with, but experts assure these politicians that the internet is a decentralized commodity, which can’t be truly owned or controlled by any one nation, and this move solidifies that ideal. Others also worried that the actual handoff would cause technological problems, however, since you’re reading this, it clearly went off without a hitch and now the internet is one step closer to being an even more free place.

In an era of multinational cooperation and globalization, the shared management of the fundamental communication system used by the entire world appears to be a peaceful step toward greater international unity. It also highlights the importance of data security, and competent IT management for companies and countries interested in keeping their own sites free from attacks or negligent oversight. As always, National Net is here to help with any hosting and colocation needs your business faces, and we look forward to working with you in this new era by providing the same high level of service we have provided for our clients throughout the period of US oversight.

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