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Yahoo Adds Insult To Injury With Government Spy Program Acquiesce

by Bill

As the NationalNet Blog reported recently, Yahoo email was hacked with one of the largest data leaks in history, potentially revealing important user information to nefarious entities presently believed to be backed by foreign governments. While a hack is possible no matter how much effort Yahoo put into their online security, the latest news is much more damaging to their company because it involves complicit acquiescence with a government spy program targeting Yahoo Email users

An investigation has discovered that Yahoo knowingly provided access to all of its user emails so that US government entities could perform keyword searches in an effort to spy on US citizens who were never served with any kind of warrant. This new Yahoo story reveals the lengths to which the company will go to conform to government requests, which is very different from the stance Apple and Google have taken, forcing the government into court when asked for access to their platforms

Last year, Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer agreed to create custom software which would scan all Yahoo e-mails for a certain string of characters specified by the government of the US who asked them to implement such a program. The company implemented the program on all e-mails, in real time. They didn’t necessarily disclose this information either.

This is notable because it’s the first time (that we know about) that a company has agreed to do such a thing. Yes the NSA has been surveilling people for years in a similar manner but that data was captured by them using other methods. No one knows if this request was also sent to other e-mail providers and if they have decided to comply with the request as well. In addition, no one knows if the string of data has ever been found and what it’s implications, or even what the message is about. However, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google and have all denied that they are allowing this type of scanning to occur.

While we can’t ever know the full extent of surveillance occurring, it’s more important than ever to use good hosting to cover yourself when it comes not only to your website and web properties but also to your email servers as well. NationalNet is consistently one of the most trusted providers of internet services such as this, and we are on the job 24/7/365 and we do not allow any access to your private servers without your prior consent.

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