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Pac-Man Creator Passes Away And Leaves An Enormous Digital Legacy

by Bill

Thanks to innovators like Masaya Nakamura, the guy who invented the game Pac-Man, we have all of the technology we have today. The line to be drawn might not seem clear but it’s easy to see when you think about it just a little bit. Video games were one of the first technologies that people have a huge desire for in their homes. They are part of what led to the development of personal in home computers, so people could play pac-man whenever they wanted and not just when they were at the arcade. From this rose the Internet, because everyone had a desire to become better connected, and the speed of hosting become crucial as gamers sought to minimize latency with many innovative ways to optimize their ping rates.

Video games and other forms of digital entertainment are always pushing the envelope of graphics, sound and technology, and nowadays online games require heavy duty hosting and high powered technology with experts at the helm, which just happens to be what we provide. It is thanks to guys like Mr. Nakamura that we are here today, able to offer you such powerful products that pack a punch whether you are playing highly graphics based games on the internet, or simply playing an online version of Pac-Man. Video games have helped to develop live chatting technology, video chats and even the motion capture filters on your favorite social media apps.

Without gamers, things might be a whole lot different today with the net. Games are one of the reasons that technology has developed to be smaller, more sleek and have higher storage capabilities. Thanks to the innovation of Mr. Nakamura, and those like him who developed games, technology and ideas in the days when we didn’t even have a framework for what they should be like, we now have the capabilities to store, send and access vast amounts of data from just about anywhere in the world. NationalNet, and everyone else who enjoys the connected world we live in owes that yellow dot munching character Mr. Nakamura created a big debt of gratitude worth remembering.

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