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Protecting Digital Communications Becoming Popular

by Bill
Ever since Edward Snowden became a fugitive and revealed the extent to which the NSA was spying on Americans and foreigners alike, people have had a heightened understanding of just how insecure digital communications have become using standard transmission methods. Now, many people who aren’t doing anything nefarious are taking a strong interest in encrypted communications simply because they don’t like the idea of getting spied on by big brother. Adding that demographic to the number of business savvy people who have always sought out secure communication methods to avoid corporate espionage, and the market for a more powerful set of communication tools is clearly on the rise.

One of the products available now is called Signal and was created by Open Whisper Systems. It claims to be a fully encrypted chat app that some say is better than others because it is dedicated to security issues specifically. The app does have a calling feature, but unless you are connected to wifi, it has been known to lack call quality, and video chat has just been a dream until now. Open Whisper Systems announced this week that they are now in beta testing for a video chat feature which will allow people to have face to face conversations over the web, and again they claim it is fully encrypted.

Critics point out that the app requires access to your phone contact list on install, and some believe that Open Whisper itself is aggregating too much sensitive data, making it a target for hacking by governmental spooks or third party hackers. However, its popularity proves a different point – the public is seeking to cling to the last shreds of privacy it can get, and while yottabytes of intercepted data are now being recoded by the NSA and other entities, many are willing to pay to be (or at least feel) more data secure when communicating with others.

Whether you are selling privacy services or want to keep your own data as secure as possible, it’s also important to have secure hosting, which is something that NationalNet provides each of our clients. We help build custom hosting solution for you, and our techs are online 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, to address any concerns you may have. We also offer advanced monitoring for increased security because we understand that our continual vigilance is a big part of your peace of mind online. To learn more, contact us today… via unencrypted telephone, email, encrypted communication or any other means that help you feel the most comfortable.

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