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Intel Invests 15B In AI Chips – That Will Still Require Human Support

by Bill

This week Intel announced it will be paying $15.3 Billion to acquire an Israeli company named Mobileye that develops chips and cameras for self-driving cars and trucks. This follows their $16.7 Billion acquisition of Altera in 2015. The Altera buy was aimed at AI technology that allows machines to learn from their own past experiences.

Once dominant in the chip making market back when everything was done on servers or desktops, Intel is rapidly looking to evolve as computing takes on new forms via mobile devices, VR and AI offshoots that will impact the way virtually every electronic item works in the coming months or years. New neural networks analyze data using specialized chips for machine learning. Intel is determined not to miss the next chip wave the way it missed the switch to mobile.

In tech nobody ever seems to act alone, and others are also pushing into the driverless car and tech sector in big ways. Uber of course, and Microsoft recently revealed the use of ARM chips in its data centers, signaling far less reliance on old server technologies and a real tipping point toward the transition that will eventually lead to servers that learn data patterns and perform better as a result.

Companies need new AI chips in their data center to train powerful neural networks, and chips in devices to help execute the models developed on those networks. In the near future we will all see a rapid deployment of chips capable of evolving based on the data they collect and data throughput patterns will be automatically optimized based on real word conditions from moment to moment. However, even the best AI still lacks the ability to provide human support or to engage in the kind of overarching design work necessary to put the chips to work in the best configuration as newer technologies become available.

While we applaud Intel’s move to bring technology forward and make the advantages of AI readily available across a wide range of computing services, we also understand that our new AI colleagues will still require assistance from NationalNet’s most important asset – qualified professional people capable of interfacing with both the AI tech in our servers and the demands of real world clients seeking comprehensive support from our staff.

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