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Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better Than A More Focused Approach

by Bill

If you were on the internet on February 28th 2017, you may have noticed that some of your favorite websites had some major problems. This is because Amazon’s S3 hosting service had a major outage that revealed just how many people use their convenient services. Websites and apps that people use every day and depend on for news or help with organization like Medium and Trello were down, as were other services like the group communications app Slack. S3 is a cloud storage service that many people use to host their website files, including Amazon itself.

According to a report about the incident in Wired Magazine, Amazon was reporting high error rates, mainly on the East Coast, with their S3 service, which prevented the service from functioning as it should. While this isn’t worrying in general because Amazon was able to fix the issues in a relatively short time frame, it does show how the internet can be easily affected when so many people use the same services. Some sources estimate that Amazon hosts at least 1% of the internet, though they won’t say exactly how large they are. However big their stores of data are, you can bet they are huge. Wired reports they have data centers all over the world, but when one goes down, especially one like the East Coast center which is apparently the largest, many popular web technologies are affected. This illustrates why it is so important for businesses to have a hosting company that is really tuned in to your specific needs, to stay competitive.

Personalized hosting from us here at National Net does put you ahead of the pack. When you sign up with us you won’t just be a little dot on the biggest server farms out there, you’ll be a valued client with access to 24/7 customer service and around the clock vigilance and support!

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