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The Status of Net Neutrality Changing Under New FCC Chairman?

by Bill

Net Neutrality has been a hot button issue over the past few years, as advocates for neutrality have fought to ensure that internet service providers allow equal access to websites big and small, without allowing them to favor one that can pay more, or blocking others. However, Wired Magazine is reporting that the new FCC Chairman who was recently appointed by Donald Trump, Mr. Ajit Patel, doesn’t agree with current net neutrality laws, because he feels they will hold back progress to a faster internet overall. They further report that Mr. Patel seems to think that Net Neutrality also hurts the communications industry as a whole, because with net neutrality, providers aren’t encouraged to invest in infrastructure to improve internet speeds as much, which would ultimately lead to a 5G network as the next step from LTE, where we are now.

 However, the drop in investment was reportedly only 1.3 percent, and according to an analyst at Jackdaw Research, that small amount probably wouldn’t be enough to sway a court against or in favor of net neutrality laws passed under the Obama Administration. Even the telecom companies themselves are split on the issue. Some, like AT&T believe that the Open Internet Order – the main net neutrality law passed in 2015 – has hampered their business and investing power, while others like Verizon have said that it hasn’t had any effect. Even so, companies like AT&T have invested a lot in the past few years to improve and grow fiber optic networks, while Verizon has actually not done much according to the report in Wired.

It’s clear that the internet may change under the oversight of Ajit Patel and you can stay abreast of important internet news through the NationalNet blog, because we are always paying attention to issues that affect our clients and net neutrality is one with very far reaching impact.

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