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Your Browsing History May Now Be Up For Sale

by Bill

Recently, the US senate voted to get rid of some regulations that would have made it illegal for internet service providers to sell your browsing history without your permission. So, that means that now the consumer browsing habits of millions of Americans may now be up for grabs to the highest bidders.

The original rules were put in place in 2016, under the previous democratic administration, but ever since they took office, the new republican administration has been looking to change things up. The rules aren’t officially eliminated just yet, as it still needs to pass in the House of Representatives, which is also controlled by republican congressmen who many predict will vote the same way.

FCC Chairman Ajit Patel said that the reasoning for this change in rules is because he feels that people might get confused if ISPs have different rules than online companies like Facebook who sell and use your browsing data from within their site.

The current rules don’t bar the ISPs from collecting this data entirely, they simply make it so that they would have to get the user’s permission, and then also clearly notify them about what types of information they were going to collect. With net neutrality also in the minds of consumers these days, some worry that ISPs are going to be making a mint from them on all angles – sites will pay ISPs for speedy access, consumers will pay for service as they do now and now the providers will make some extra dough from their intimate data. Industry experts explain that the data at stake is quite personal. An ISP could learn what time a person wakes up, how they are feeling that day, where they go around their town and their favorite places to shop.

It’s certain that things are going to change in the coming months. Whether you want to find ways to secure your data or to market the data you collect, this is a story worth following and we have  got our finger on the pulse of what is happening so that we can help to keep you informed, much the same way we are on the job with award winning  24/7/365 support to monitor your hosted accounts and keep your digital business moving forward.

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