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Computer AI Demonstrates Intellectual Feel With Go Championship Win

by Bill

 It was only a year or so ago when AlphaGo, Google’s deep learning AI system built to learn how to completely dominate the Chinese game of Go, defeated a professional Go player for the first time. Now it has done the unthinkable and defeated the world’s best Go player, Ke Jie. The machine has now learned what many experts consider to be the world’s most complex game – one with nearly infinite move possibilities and a style described by master players more as a feel than a thought. After the match, Ke Jie admitted that playing against AlphaGo is like playing against a “god of a player.”

Years ago computers bested the world’s greatest Chess human chess players, but some pointed out that Chess is a purely analytical game with a predefined number of possible moves and a linear progression from start to finish in a narrowly defined set of legal moves. Go on the other hand is far less structured and requires intuition more than prediction.

In fact, Go has more possibilities for play than the number of atoms in the entire universe. This win is likely to be only a sign of things to come as machines using artificial intelligence become as smart or smarter than their human inventors, and use fine-tuned judgement along with artificial intuition to make the smartest decisions. Artificial intelligence is going to become more than just Siri in your iPhone. It might one day help humanity to make incredible life altering choices.

National Net is always keeping an eye on the technological trends. Deep learning and artificial intelligence is a tech concept that is on the rise, and when it becomes a commercially viable way to improve your hosting, you can be sure we will implement it to the benefit of all our clients as effectively as possible… probably with the help of an AI robotic assistant.

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