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Google Unveils Free Cloud Based Access to World’s Most Advanced AI Chips

by Bill

At their annual Google I/O conference Google’s top execs unveiled what many in the tech industry are calling a revolutionary new piece of hardware. A chip more advanced than any other in history, specifically geared toward machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, while the chip’s existence is big news, the way they intend to deploy it has become an even bigger story.

According to CEO Sundar Pichai Google is now an “AI first company” and as he explained to Wired Magazine, Pinchai believes “One of the most exciting things we all can do is demystify machine learning and AI. It’s important for this to be accessible by all people.”

For that reason, Google is making its new AI chips available to everyone via cloud based services that will enable developers, researchers, and even marketers to utilize their raw data and an unprecedented amount of computing power to make better decisions about nearly everything.

Until recently in human history, businesses were always tasked with finding ways to acquire sufficient amounts of data. In the last decade or so that challenge has changed completely. Now, most businesses are drowning in too much data and are in desperate need of a way to analyze it all. If these new chips live up to their lofty expectations, it could represent a quantum leap forward for consumers and merchants in nearly every sector imaginable.

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