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Netflix Engineers Devise, Deploy, Test And Solve A Rare DDoS Attack

by Bill

Netflix security engineers recently devised and ran a rare kind of DDoS attack on their own infrastructure as a test of the streaming system’s security measures. They brought the whole site down, proved Netflix was vulnerable to the unorthodox type of distributed denial of service attack and solved the problem for their own site while open sourcing the solution for others. As hackers begin colluding on ways to damage their targets, this new era of cooperation among security professionals is leveling the battle field and allowing hosts to resolve attacks faster than previously possible by sharing their findings.

Normally, a DDoS strike floods a website with junk traffic requests from IoT devices, overwhelming the system with a limitless stream of requests. Netflix, is built to handle more than 35TB per second of data during peak hours, and has a network of Open Connect devices making is very difficult target for traditional DDoS attacks.

The newly DDoS turned Netflix’s application programming interface against itself. Netflix realized an attacker could send resource-intensive, carefully chosen requests to trigger more and more requests internally causing a cascade of data deep in the system. In this way, an attacker could easily and cheaply cause significant resource burden, or even take Netflix down.

As site owners and business continue integrating each other’s services via API and other measures, that interconnectivity itself was becoming a prime target for attacks. No service is ever entirely safe from malicious attackers, but thanks to Netflix the Internet is safer than it had been from these kinds of DDoS proxy attacks on data requesting internal services.

The evolution of attacker strategies never ends, but as  companies like Netflix, Hosts like National Net and many others in the digital data community continue to work together, protecting against these types of application DDoS assaults, and so many other present data dangers gets a fair bit easier and lot faster to implement. Stay tuned for continued coverage of these important developments as National Net continues to work diligently to keep every client’s servers online with perfect up time.

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