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Welcome To The Splinternet

by Bill

Since its inception, the Internet has always had a centralized structure in place to govern its technical aspects, and a layer of regulations on the kinds of content deemed acceptable by entities including Visa and law enforcement agencies. While the people using the Internet are as diverse as the entire world population, the structure of the way the Internet has been moderated was always a homogenizing factor that brought distant netizens closer together under a single umbrella. That paradigm makes commerce far simpler, and social communication nearly frictionless regardless of national borders… but it is now changing rapidly.

Antitrust regulations in Europe and the “right to be forgotten” are already vastly different concepts than anything legislated by the United States so far. Now many additional fragments are beginning to become the regional rule of law as well. On June 30, Germany passed a law ordering all social media companies operating in Germany to delete hate speech within 24 hours of it being posted, or face fines of up to 57 Million Dollars per instance. There is also a recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling that Google must scrub search results about pirated products, along with a May court ruling in Austria that Facebook must take down specific posts that were considered hateful toward the country’s Green party leader.

Add in the United States acquiescence over controlling ICANN as the domain regulatory body, and several other rulings or new legal orders that are starting to contort content to the local ethics and mores of each community – and what you wind up with is a Splinternet that forces businesses to navigate fast changing wide sweeping hurdles that were never part of the Internet until now.

As online billing, hosting, and technical deployment continue to become increasingly specialized services, compliance with these new local ordinances is also becoming a part of what we do here at NationalNet. We understand that our clients do business everywhere a sale is possible, and we will continue to do all we can to ensure your managed servers are fully compliant with whatever the local rule of law requires now, and into the future. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call so we can further assist you.

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