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Literally Every Yahoo Account Ever Hacked

by Bill

When a company has a major hack, you expect a few things. Probably, some accounts have been compromised, but maybe not all. Secondly, you may expect not all the information will be available right away. Yahoo has a lot to answer for, because it recently revealed a 2013 attack on their servers which was previously thought to have compromised about 1 billion accounts, but now the facts are becoming available and in actuality all 3 billion accounts in existence at the time. This massive revision of how many accounts were affected is very important for consumers, and also is significant because Yahoo was in discussions to be bought out by Verizon in the interim.

The information revealed may not be quite as serious as the sensitive financial data revealed during the most recent Equifax breach, but it is quite serious because it includes things like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and passwords which can be used illegally in conjunction with the Equifax data to compromise the identities of millions of people globally.

This rash of hacks has many wondering what the point is of shredding old bank statements and phone bills before discarding them, when it is now so easy for nefarious parties to simple gather your hacked data digitally.

With this climate of hacking, it’s important to work with companies that you truly trust. You can count on NationalNet to provide you with hosting that will keep your data as secure as modern technology allows. Much is being done to research new forms of data security as previously reported here on the NationalNet Blog, including China’s quantum entanglement plans. As new tools become available on the commercial level, we will continue to implement them quickly… hopefully Yahoo and the credit bureaus will also do so as well.

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