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AT&T Opens Up It’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Acumos

by Bill

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already released frameworks designed to get developers building AI-powered applications on their platforms. AT&T just entered the fray in a big way with their own new AI platform called Acumos, revealed at a Dallas event today.

Now anyone using the Google TensorFlow framework to create machine-learning tools will be able to use Acumos as both a directory for sharing AI models and an ordered system usable to customize or connect independent models in useful ways.

AT&T is developing the Acumos  in conjunction with Tech Mahindra. The underlying code is hosted by the Linux Foundation, and is entirely open-source. However, that’s while AT&T is giving away the platform and the Linux Foundation will also host a public version of Acumos that anyone can use, independent organizations can also choose to create private versions of Acumos as well.

While the media focuses on the wonders of Virtual Reality as an entertainment medium… the big tech players are much more interested in the limitless possibilities of true artificial intelligence as problem-solving methodology that is quickly taking shape. National Net remains actively interested and aware of these new technologies because we view it as our responsibility to provide all of our clients with the best tools on the backend and front end to compete with any other product or service online. Whether that is through your own intelligence, business intelligence you gather or the artificial intelligence we may soon provide!

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