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NSA Cybertools Hacked Like Anything Else

by Bill

A recent New York Times expose has revealed serious breaches of data security within the NSA and the possible hack of many previously safe cybersecurity tools used at the highest levels of governmental communication. The hack is not only a massive dent in the reputation of the nation’s top security organization, but a serious real world challenge to the overall data storage on a global scale now that these tools have been compromised.

“They had operational insight that even most of my fellow operators at T.A.O. did not have,” said Mr. Williams, now with Rendition Infosec, a cybersecurity firm he founded according to the New York Times. “I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut. Whoever wrote this either was a well-placed insider or had stolen a lot of operational data.”

Former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon E. Panetta added, “These leaks have been incredibly damaging to our intelligence and cyber capabilities. The fundamental purpose of intelligence is to be able to effectively penetrate our adversaries in order to gather vital intelligence. By its very nature, that only works if secrecy is maintained and our codes are protected.”

The echoes of these sentiments among cybersecurity professionals are everywhere. In the wake of the Equifax breach and this NSA penetration it is becoming increasingly clear that data is not protectable even with the highest standards of security from top level spies and hackers.

Fortunately, most state sponsored security hackers are not interested in breaking into the websites of individual small or medium sized companies, so securing your data from the people who would abuse it should still be possible. The NationalNet team takes all reasonable precautions to protect our clients and we are here to help in the event of any potential breach. If you see something out of the ordinary, always say something, and we will work through it with you until your servers and data streams are as secure as humanly possible.

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