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Meltdown and Spectre Present New Data Security Challenges

by Bill

If you’ve opened up any news site or paper recently, you may have noticed some headlines about things called Meltdown and Spectre. These are not new video games or box office hits. These are two newly discovered security flaws that affect virtually every single electronic device you own. How could a security breach be so widespread? Well, the problem is that it’s not actually attached to any specific program or software. The issue is in the hardware itself.

Meltdown is a vulnerability in microchips themselves. These chips are found in virtually every single computer and many web servers too. Researchers discovered that the flaw could allow people to read your personal data right off of the hardware, bypassing any security features that software and apps have put into place.

Spectre is another flaw that is based in both Intel microchips and Advanced Mortal Directives. This one could let hackers trick programs like apps and software into giving them information. Basically every computer is affected by these discoveries and it’s a wonder that they haven’t been exposed sooner.

Either of these openings could theoretically affect every single computer using Intel chips made since 1995. However, researchers have only tested computers dating back to 2011.

The tricky thing about both of these bugs is that you can’t tell if anyone has used them on your devices to get at your information. It’s impossible to know if either of these flaws has been used by hackers but given how many leaks and hacks there have been lately, it’s likely.

This just goes to show why it is important to have secure hosting, like that offered by NationalNet. We are feverishly working behind the scenes on these and will do all we can to ensure your hosting is handled to the absolute limit of data security standards. We will continue to monitor this story and your servers to keep all of our clients informed and up to date with the latest patches and fixes as they are available.

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