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Strava Fitness Tracker May Have Revealed Troop Movements In Syria

by Administrator

Just how ubiquitous and accepted have IoT (internet of things) devices become? A recent dump of data from the fitness tracker company Strava appears to have incidentally revealed a wealth of secret troop movement and base location data in Syria and beyond.

Location data is an important part of many fitness apps for helping users seeking to optimize their routes or for tracking progress of a fitness regimen. However, a new data dump from Strava, one of the main players in that market may now be putting the entire device category under fire with military officials scrambling to identify or overcome potentially serious leaks of classified information including the location of clandestine military bases, patrol routes and more.

UCA analyst Nathan Ruser discovered information in Strava’s publicly available activity map may include fitness routes of soldiers and agents in sensitive locations, including Afghanistan and Syria, as well as airbases in the Falkland Islands, a suspected CIA base in Somalia and some Russian bases have also been outlined as well.

Even at some of the publicly known locations, this data may flesh out secret aspects of the location like the specific coordinates of living quarters, frequently-trafficked paths and hints at patrol or supply routes.

Strava has reminded users that they could turn off location sharing, and that the map doesn’t include private activities or areas deemed private. However, the fact that consumer electronics are now in such widespread use without much thought about security or danger even among military brass does bring into focus how much the world has changed and how transparent it has quickly become.

Your commercial or personal data deserves the highest level of protection, and at NationalNet we strive each day to ensure it is only accessible by those you intend to communicate it with, but this story should serve as a strong reminder that your data security can always be overcome come by inadvertent choices which give away that data without a second thought. To discuss your data security, hosting needs or to obtain references for security audit professionals please feel free to contact NationalNet.com today.

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