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The Difference Between A Cheap Web Host And A Good Hosting Company

by Administrator

web hosting

First, what exactly is a web host? A web host is a company that has servers capable of storing your online websites or other resources for access from everywhere else online. That said, not all hosting companies are the same. Some focus intently on reducing costs and offer hosting for pennies, but the services they provide are very different from what a commercial host provides for companies seeking to monetize their websites online.


When you choose “shared hosting” on a server with other entities you are giving up a tremendous amount of security, control, performance and support in exchange for saving a few dollars a month. That’s honestly a terrific idea if you want to throw up a vanity site for your family dog and show your daughter how to create a website with WordPress. However, when you host the family business and things like load speed, uptime, international access and data security become important, having a dedicated server with a company like NationalNet makes a huge positive difference.


We understand that every dollar counts for your business, that’s why NationalNet constantly works to increase our efficiency and reduce costs for our clients. It’s also why we never cut corners or go bare bones in the way we do things.


World class support 24/7/365, constant monitoring and industry leading performance do cost more than shoving your site onto a server with 300 other customers who may or may not be misusing the resources you share. That being said, can you really afford not to go with a serious professional hosting company when any moment of downtime or friction for your customers can quickly shrink your revenue streams?


There are things that shared hosting is great for, and times when spending a little more may not make the most sense. If your daughter’s website about her dog loads 8 seconds slower than her friend’s website about their family cat, that won’t cause grandma to close her browser. However, when you want to generate an actual sale on a commercial site, those 8 seconds can make all the difference, and that’s why we are proud of our long standing reputation as one of the premier hosting companies for businesses that want to succeed online.

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