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Why Server Location Matters in Web Hosting

by Administrator

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Businesses never look at where their web-hosting server is located, they just choose a web hosting service that is convenient to their company. Many sites don’t even consider their hosting server location because of content delivery networks. CDNs create a system of proxy servers, using existing data centers, allowing those using the server take advantage of a nearby access point for optimal performance even with the business being thousands miles away.


Many businesses think CDNs are the cure all to their problems when in reality they need to very picky about the location of their hosting provider’s servers and the quality of their CDN solution.

Location, location, location. The location affects load times, sales and most importantly SEO. Also, the closer you are to the host server, obviously the faster your load times are going to be. This is a critical choice for businesses choosing a web hosting server location because of the competitive load times with other websites and also the growing number of mobile users. And with the ever-growing web comes a growing desire for needing everything now. According to KissMetrics, 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


The location of your website’s server makes a huge difference. If possible, you should always place your server’s location where the majority of your customers live. CDNs are so popular because you can put servers in more, which equates to faster page loads. Small businesses are better off choosing a location near your web-hosting server.


The more local your hosting node, the better local SEO your business will have. Local SEO is very important for businesses looking to gain traffic and you want customers in your local area to be able to find your business.


Server location in web hosting really just equals faster load times for your business and it’s customers. This translates to more customers, happy customers and customers that are willing to spend. That is what NationalNet is here for, the small and medium-sized businesses, helping them add value and profitability to their local customers. We can provide hosting hubs anywhere in the world and the most effective CDN services for a truly global footprint that is local to every region.

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