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Creating Instant Websites?

by Administrator

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With the ever evolving technology of websites and their hosts, building a website has become tremendously easy and carpel tunnel free. Not only has it become as simple as reciting the alphabet, and not JavaScript, building and updating a full-service site is common ground for the common folk. Now you can simply load a picture update onto your phone and drag it into the web host and then it’s loaded onto the home page of your site. For some in businesses that are charity based across the globe that is huge for consistent, quick and no-limit updating.

Building your company’s site while also maintaining it has become a touch a way in today’s modern day digital world, but a West Coast startup has taken it to another level. A San Francisco startup in beta, provides a URL, hosting services and a dead-simple app to build a website. This startup acts a grid for your site, it allows users to move text, video and photos into The Grid’s program. When you load it, the AI of The Grid arranges the content into a visually pleasing layout based on best practices for the sites backend.

Say you are building an e-commerce page, the artificial intelligence will create click-through boxes under the images and prices are automatically turned into click-through buttons to the shopping cart page. The Grid’s AI actually improves the overall esthetic to the site as well as its effectiveness, colors, photographs and text through the AI.

The founder and CEO Dan Tocchini IV ‘s goal is to give business and website owners back their control from designers and website services who take forever to get back to you with results or an actual finished product. “The Grid” is for website and business owners to create their own platform. The Grid is monetized at the start so you know what you are getting before actually put dollars and manpower into creating it.

NationalNet is here to develop lasting and successful partnerships with your company. We want to see you grow as much as you want to and we most certainly have the platform and infrastructure for you to accelerate your milestones quickly.

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