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Hosting factors that can affect the SEO of your website

by Administrator

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Are you a web host owner? Did you know the web hosting service you use actually has a huge impact on your SEO? Some of these hosting issues that can actually have a big negative effect on your SEO. As web host owners, sometimes we get lost in the loop of all these SEO tactics we read online to optimize our websites and impact the ranking of our website. These are some of the hosting issues that you web host owners need to know.


1. Slow Website Speed

Google makes the website speed ranking factor, but unfortunately, many web host owners only look at the website design without spending anytime choosing a faster hosting service. On the other end of the website speed spectrum are those who forget about all proper protocol and use repetitive scripts and large images that make the site load slowly.

The way you design your website has a lot to do with how fast your site loads. Don’t use too many scripts, animations, web fonts or third-party widgets because they will all slow your site. Also choose a fast hosting service for minimal website loading times

website downtimes

2. Website Downtimes

Website downtimes are often related to issues with the web host, due to bandwidth limits being exceeded, or hosting servers going out of order. This greatly affects your customer’s impression of your business and site along with diminishing your search engine rankings. When your site is down, Google removes it from its index- when your site comes back online, it gets flagged as unreliable and its ranking is lowered.


3. Database Connection Failures

“Internal Server Error” messages can mean many things, but it will always disappoint your visitors. In many cases, an “Internal Server Error” comes with a “Database Connection Failed” error message. This results when too many users are accessing a database at the same time. This mainly happens when a video or an article goes viral on social media.

Choosing the right hosting is extremely important to your business and it’s costumers. It’s probably one of the most important decision you will make for your business and the most important decision for your e-commerce and online presence. That is where NationalNet comes into play for your businesses online footprint with our full-service system planning, application development and implementation for your web hosting.

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