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Facebook Wants to Wire the World

by Administrator

The Internet of Things

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg vouched to the tech industry to help everyone to be connected, wire-to-wire with free basic Internet? Internet data in these days is just as important to the average human as food, water and shelter. Zuckerberg told millions in a 10-page white paper share from his iPhone that free Internet was a universal right for all. He wanted getting Internet data to people to be a hundred times cheaper than it was standing at. The Zuck said it would be feasible within five to 10 years, but like many tech giants they were stopped in their digital tracks.

Facebook then launched Internet.org, which was a collection of initiatives to get the masses hooked on the web. Looking back now, who would’ve thought we would need initiatives to get people hooked on something that they already were? In typical Zuckerberg fashion the two projects would get deals with phone services to make a minimal amount of web-services available through a free app.

Zuckerberg’s efforts were seen as a humanitarian effort, dubbed the name “dot-org.” Zuckerberg didn’t even care if Facebook earned a profit from delivering for the next few billion people. The technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is worth almost 80 billion said that his motives were all moral and not financial one. Zuckerberg saw that billions of Americans did not yet no how to surf the web and wanted to change that. Like many in the digital age, Zuckerberg feels connecting people on the Internet would change the shift in global power because of sharing and redistributing information.

Zuckerberg took his efforts to India and Barcelona, but they weren’t well received. All in all, Facebook’s initiatives were not highly received across the globe but it says it is working with 86 partners to offer the Free Basics app in 60 countries. In a Facebook April 25 call, they said the company’s Internet.org have brought 100 million people to the Internet.

As a web-based hosting service and a company that respects the infrastructure of the Internet we understand what Mark Zuckerberg is trying to do. Also, as a hosting solution that takes your company to the next level of productivity and efficiency NationalNet wants the best for it’s customers and partnerships with as diversified, secure and private a footprint as possible.

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