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Hackers Allegedly Steal 1.4M Passwords From Mac Forums

by Administrator

Internet Security

A hacker allegedly stole more than 1.4 million passwords, email addresses and other data from popular forums like Web Hosting Talk, Mac Forums and HotScripts. Someone going by the name “uid0” is selling the three databases on the dark web underground market The Real Deal for a combined 7.2 bitcoin ($4,752), reported by CSO. An operator from a data breach awareness site said hackers breached the media company Penton and stole the databases of Web Hosting Talk, Mac Forums, HotScripts.com, dBforums and A Best Web.

The site hacked every database except HotScripts.com, but it’s said the total number of users compromised from the others was 1,442,602. The passwords are said to not be in plaintext, but are rather hashed, which means turning the actual password into different digits. Not only are they hashed, they are also “salted,” which means a series of random bytes at the end of the passwords were added before they got hashed. Salting or salted passwords means the hacker tried to hide the real passwords.

If you had an account on any of these forums, you should definitely change your password to something new, not something reused. If it is a reused password and you have used it somewhere else, change it there too. After you change the reused password, just make it a habit to not reuse passwords across multiple sites.

The passwords were hashed with the MD5 algorithm, which is extremely weak way to hash passwords. This means the passwords should be easy to crack. There is no hosting company that can guarantee that a breach can’t and won’t happen, but NationalNet can 100 percent tell you we take your account security as seriously as you do. If someone tries to hack your digital property, our trustworthy professional support staff is working around the clock for you before, during or after any hack threat is detected.

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