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Malware Infects Half a Million Routers

by Administrator

Hacked routers

You may want to look at your home router different nowadays, it could be infected and a hotspot for the next devastating digital attack. They have become a hacker’s haven or a way to turn a keylogger into a king. People are being warned about an intelligent group of hackers that has malware-infected routers that could be used to spread chaos all over the Internet as well as networks.

Even Cisco the worldwide leader in IT and networking spoke on the new type of malware called VPNFilter. Cisco’s Talos security division said that VPNFilter has infected almost half a million home and small business routers.

The routers infected are Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, MicroTik and QNAP. Cisco’s Talos security division thinks the malware-infected routers’ code is to serve as a tool to spy on others while hiding attackers’ origin. The malware also, scarily, allows the hackers to corrupt the firmware of the hacked routers, which means they are bricked.

The most people who have been victimized by the VPNFilter malware, 500,000 victims, their routers are in Ukraine. All indications of the malware infections point at the hackers prepping a mass plan to take down thousands of Ukrainian networks. Talos are telling people to restart their routers because it removes part of the router malware’s functionality. Talos says completely cleaning your affected router requires reinstalling the router firmware.

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