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Offshore Wind Power For Hosting?

by Administrator

Oceanic windfarm

Imagine having the same web hosting experience with NationalNet right at your fingertips for less of the cost? That could happen in states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island after they were both awarded major offshore wind contracts. Again showing the tech industry the importance and economic viability of renewable energy.

Offshore wind energy was once thought as too expensive, but just how we provide our loyal customer base with a creative implementation of high quality, cost-effective, enterprise-class managed web and business hosting services; offshore wind energy will be cost-effective as well.

The wind farm in Massachusetts will be 14 miles off Martha’s Vineyard and will be call “Vineyard Wind.” The installation will have a capacity of 800MW and should be generating electricity back to the grid by 2021. The contract was won by Avangrid Renewables and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, which are both headquartered in Europe. The two energy giants will be sharing 50/50 ownership of the project in Martha’s Vineyard.

This new contract with Massachusetts gets the state half way to their goal to build 1.6GW of wind energy capacity off its coast by 2027. Not only is this project going to build cost-efficient energy, these major hydroelectric and offshore wind resources will help reduce the state’s carbon footprint and deliver clean energy to the area. They say the project “will reduce Massachusetts’ carbon emissions by over 1.6 million tons per year, the equivalent of removing 325,000 cars from state roads.”

The second major contract was awarded Deepwater Wind and will come from the state of Rhode Island. The project will be called “Revolution Wind,” and will help Rhode Island meet its personal target for 1GW of renewable energy. Deepwater Wind is also working on a project to install a 90MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Long Island.

It is great to see major companies looking for cost-effective ways to generate new energy while being conscious of our earth’s environment. Like NationalNet guides clients through all pivotal phases of their IT initiatives, these two energy giants seem to have their initiatives and priorities (cost and clean energy) in a line. Hopefully these giant renewable energy projects are a theme across the country and we could implement the cost-effectiveness and clean energy to our servers and hosts.

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