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Customer Testimonials

We have worked with National Net for many years and the service has always been stellar. If I call at 2am, someone answers, if I open a ticket at 3am, I get a quick friendly response. That sort of dedication to quality of service is rare. National Net’s hosted platform allows for growth and expansion without the headache and upfront costs that are usually required. They handle infrastructure and even helped us trouble shoot our own applications. Tour their data center. It is incredible!

H. Mchone, Director of Operations at Impulse Marketing Group


We have been doing business with NationalNet for over 12 years. They are major contributor to the success of our business. If you are looking to work with a professional company, that actually cares about your business and what they can do to help you grow, then you please highly consider NationalNet. I guarantee they will personally live up to your expectations, and then some.

Kacy Carlsen, Head Nerd in Charge at Certified Hosting

We have been a customer of NationalNet for 5 years (200+ servers), and have worked with them for 9 years with other clients. NationalNet emphasizes rapid response AND action to customer service and technical inquiries. Nobody can beat their response times for issues big or small, at any hour of any day! I’ve also toured
their top notch data center in Atlanta, and can tell you they have thought of it all. Redundancy is built into public or backup electricity, fiber network routes, cooling, etc

Jeremiah Lamborn, IT/IS & Project Manager at SoloConverts

NationalNet is the best hosting company I have ever used in my 15 years online. Their support is amazing and staff is a pleasure to work with. As a loyal client I can honestly say I sleep a lot easier now. Even if there is aissue they’re always quick to communicate the problem before and after it is resolved. I would refer Natnet to anyone looking for a solid host as I trust them with my business and so should you.

John Desjardins, Managing Partner/Owner at JM Media Partners LLC

As a serial entrepreneur, I have now counted on National Net to host several multi-million dollar businesses for myself and my clients. My relationship with National Net spans seven
continuous years.  I moved my hosting from Broadspire in Los Angeles in January of 2005 to National Net in Atlanta.  Earning my business and getting me to move my servers overnight from one coast to the other wasn’t an easy sell.  Only after placing fake support tickets to test their response time, making blind calls in the middle of the night (including Christmas Day) to check how many rings it took for someone to answer, and running audits of their network from geographically diverse points did I take a leap of faith and sign with National Net. They passed every test I threw at them with flying colors and so I can honestly say moving my hosting to National Net was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

I consider the top-notch support and engineering teams at National Net as logical extensions of my own staff.  National Net is, for all practical purposes, a strategic partner in all of my business endeavors. While I consider myself a geek and have well-versed
knowledge in hosting and server administration, there are simply better and more lucrative ways for me to use my time.  Turning the web hosting part of my business over to National Net has allowed me to be more productive with my own time.  The real win for me though is having the luxury to travel and enjoy a good nights sleep knowing National Net is at the wheel 24 hours a day, everyday.

Bryce Thomason, Vibe Media