Letter from the CEO


Tony Morgan- NationalNet CE

Welcome to NationalNet,

a full service technology solution provider that’s different…yes, I said it, different. In a world where our competitors are shouting the same rhetoric day in and day out, they remind me of a “Barker” at a county fair trying to convince you to come inside to see the bearded lady. NationalNet has been quietly repeating one thing over and over for more than fifteen years….100% Total Customer Satisfaction….PERIOD. Trust me when I tell you that it is much easier to say it than it is to actually do it. I know this because we do it every day.


NationalNet strives to form close, long-term relationships with our clients to become a trusted extension of their business. Our technique is to closely understand our client’s specific objectives from both a business and technology perspective, and tailor solutions to meet their defined requirements.


For the entire staff at NationalNet, it is all about service, service, service. Each and every one of our internal processes are designed to ensure that the customer experience is always positive and that we exceed your expectations. I have often heard customers’ who have been with us for a short time express “that they really did not believe or comprehend all of the “hype” about NationalNet. But after being onboard for a few months they now understand “the difference”.


NationalNet is committed to maintaining high-value, “boutique like” quality service for our customers. We’ve built a team of specialists that are the best of the best, spared no expense on our technology (including infrastructure and performance monitoring) and are profitable, a balance that most firms in this industry cannot claim.


My promise to you is to bring out the very best from those around me, to completely understand our client’s business goals and objectives, and a continual commitment to exceeding our client’s highest expectations every single day. On this, you have my word.


Thank you for your consideration of us and I truly hope to personally welcome you when you join the NationalNet Family.


Warmest Regards,

Tony Morgan
NationalNet, Inc.